We are the leading suppliers of CRCA Round Tubes, Rectangular & Square of various sizes.

thickness based on diverse requirement of the clients and we boast of the major manufacturer brands.

Product type: Hollow Section (CRCA Round Tube, Rectangular and Square)

Applications :  Structural and mechanical applications in Automobile and Manufacturing industries primarily for body and panel applications…

Speciality: Test Reports on Request, Choice of Surface Finish & Ends, Ready Stock, Customized Lengths, Choice of Brands, Prompt Delivery

Standard & Grade : 

CRCA Round Tube as Per lS:3074, CRCA, Square& Rectangular Section as per lS:4923

End: Square/ Square/ Plain ends, Bevelled / Threaded ends.

Surface: Bare, lightly oiled, Zinc/anti-corrosive coating.


Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Cochin.

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    • Exact and accurate Dimensional Tolerances
    • Robust surface finish for 3D body building.
    • Improved mechanical & physical properties
    • Efficient draw-ability
    • High Tensional rigidity

    M/s. APL Apollo Tubes Limited . 
    M/s. Jindal Pipes Limited (Jindal Star) 
    M/s. Jindal Industries Limited (Hisar) 
    M/s. M.K.K. Metal Sections Pvt. Ltd
    M/s. Surya roshni ltd
    M/s. Mahalakshmi Profiles Pvt. Ltd
    M/s. P.S. Steel Tubes Limited

    Our diverse spectrum of CRCA tubes with an assortment of sizes, specifications, grades serve as a foundation for scaling numerous automobile and manufacturing industries. Our holistic price chart and customized quotes has helped us to grow our clientele base.



    You name it, we have it. Boasting of all THE major brands in the industry we create value for the customers by saving their time and energy.

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