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Indian Steel Pipe and tube Terms & Terminologies!

Any steel pipe supplier or manufacturer quote/ catalogue comes along with numerous abbreviations, terms and terminologies and we rarely do realize that a better understanding of it will help us to select better quality of steel pipes and tubes and make sound decisions.
Here’s a quick guide to brush up some of the most commonly used terms and terminologies.
It’s a measure of a material’s ability to undergo significant plastic deformation before rapture occurs. 
It’s the tendency of the material to fracture or fail upon the application of a relatively small force.
Tensile Strength
It’s the maximum amount of stress a metal can hold until the necking occurs.

Yield Strength
Maximum stress that steel can take before it will take plastic deformation (Cannot return to the original shape) Understanding pipe sizes and pipe schedules

Pipe Schedule
It’s  the way pipe thickness is mentioned, ASME committee has introduced pipe schedule number to simplify the purchase of pipes and standardize it across.
Schedule Number
It’s the approximate value of expression 1000 * p/s
P = Service pressure
S = Allowable stress
Allowable stress is constant for a given temperature and service pressure only varies from pipe to pipe, for instance Schedule 40 can withstand a certain amount of pressure. Greater the schedule number, greater the thickness of the pipe.

Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)  & Outer Diameter (OD)
Nominal Pipe Size is the number that defines the size of pipe. For NPS 14 and above usually OD is considered to be the same as NPS.
Some of the common abbreviations in our industry and what they actually represent (Full form)
ASTM –  American Standards for Testing MaterialsBSR –  Boiler Standards Regulation
ASME – American Society for Mechanical Engineers
ISI – Indian Standards Institute
API –  American Petroleum Institution
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